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In specially equipped Cinerama theaters such as the Cooper, the three. This is Cinerama studiously compiles the first slew of less-than-12" action by the group, and keeps the winning streak going. Designed to introduce the Cinerama widescreen format, this film documents exciting events and beautiful scenery from around the world in the aforementioned format. This unique widescreen process was launched. Movies up to THIS IS CINERAMA that point had been a largely passive experience; This Is Cinerama, meanwhile, transports its wide-eyed viewers to worlds they&39;d likely never seen before. THIS IS CINERAMA CINERAMA RELEASING CORPORATION (CRC) ,400,000 theatrical rentals, or approximately ,572,000 in U. This is Cinerama premiered on 30 September 1952 at the New York Broadway theatre, in New York City. Using three cameras and three projectors on a curved screen 146 degrees deep, Cinerama created an immersive cinematic event, wowing 20 million viewers in its original roadshow version.

7/10 IMDb 100% Rotten Tomatoes. * Somewhat dry, technical footnote: By way of comparison, a Cinerama screen had a width-to-height “aspect ratio” of 2. are pleased to announce the long-awaited re-release of This is Cinerama, now beautifully restored from the original three-panel, six-perforation camera elements. See more videos for THIS IS CINERAMA.

this is Cinerama! Two Cinerama enthusiasts went the other way and built complete cinemas with projectors and sound equipment in their own homes, which they assembled from derelict cinemas across. Designed to showcase Cinerama, the first of a wave of widescreen film formats to appear in the. Thomas says the title when he introduces the film process: "Ladies and gentlemen. Selections of soundtrack dialogue and music from the five 3-strip Cinerama travelogue films. Running only 13 weeks in one theater in THIS IS CINERAMA New York, "This Is Cinerama" was the highest grossing film of 1952.

Tracks 6-8 were originally released on the single Dance, Girl, Dance (Cooking Vinyl). The Plus was a huge vista for your eyes. After Cinerama, projectors and films often just stayed in Cinerama theatres, pushed aside to make room for new machines and platters, or until the cinema was demolished.

"This Is Cinerama" is an absolute MUST SEE for Anyone who will ever engage in a conversation about film. This is Cinerama premiered on Septem at the Broadway Theatre, in New York City. Also contains music from: Cinerama Holiday Seven Wonders Of The World South Seas Adventure Search For Paradise This label refers to the following compilation album: Musical Wonders Of Cinerama, The - A Musical Souvenir.

All of the credits, title included, are at the end of the film. Cooper and starring Lowell Thomas. It&39;s a pageant, a showcase, an immersive experience, or so it was for those audiences who saw the film the way it was designed to be seen: with three individual projectors trained on the biggest movie screens anyone had ever seen -- almost three times as wide as it was high -- with a heightened visual clarity and image intensity and a. 65:1, where the screen ideally curved around to cover the viewer’s peripheral vision and give them a totally immersive visual experience. Cinerama, which had been rejected by all the majors as too expensive - however impressive it was - now created a landrush. This Is Cinerama features a number of images designed to accentuate the vastness and beauty of the form and includes footage from airplanes as well as images from some of the most celebrated international landmarks including the Edinburgh Castle and the La Scala opera house.

And darned if it isn&39;t kind of thrilling. ” (Jan-Christopher Horak). Many viewers believe that the screen, which thus annexes their entire field of vision, gives a sense of reality unmatched by the flat screen. This CD compiles the first four singles by Cinerama.

Cinerama is a widescreen process that originally projected images simultaneously from three synchronized 35mm projectors onto a huge, deeply curved screen, subtending 146° of arc. Cinerama, in motion pictures, a process in which three synchronized movie projectors each project one-third of the picture on a wide, curving screen. It is designed to introduce the widescreen process Cinerama, which broadens the aspect ratio so the viewer&39;s peripheral vision is involved. This is Cinerama premiered on Septem a. A new seven-channel stereo sound system complimented the wide screen. 1957 Press Photo Lowell Thomas stars in "This Is Cinerama" - pio12384 This is an original press photo.

Cinerama was the brain child of motion picture engineer Fred Waller. It was the first of a number of novel processes introduced during the 1950s. After about 15 minutes, the curtains part, and the full, color, Cinerama picture appears; it&39;s literally a roller coaster about to start its ascent. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO Fandango FANALERT®. Fred Waller, Cinerama’s creator, dreamed of a motion picture experience that would recreate the full range of human vision. "-- Lowell Thomas It starts with a basic 35-millimeter screen. Executive producer Lowell Thomas narrates an introduction to the special widescreen process of filmmaking. The Con was only theatres with this special gear could show these movies.

This Is Cinerama, more than anything, is an experience. CInerama tried doing this with a screen so wide it took three projectors running three films simultaneously to fill it. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Cinerama Adventure / This Is Cinerama near you. Tracks 9-10 were originally released on the single Pacific (Elephant). Released in 1955, the motion picture crisscrosses two hybridized travelogues of the “Cinerama camera accompanied” vacations of two adventurous, real-life, married couples. where the screen ideally curved around to cover the viewer’s peripheral vision and give them a totally immersive visual order to achieve that width, three cameras with 27mm lenses were used in production, and three interlocking projectors threw the image on the screen. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is CINERAMA! His work at the Paramount studios in the 1930s led him to the understanding that a sense of depth and realism could be achieved by a wide curved screen that included the viewer&39;s peripheral vision.

An introduction to the widescreen process of Cinerama includes a ride down a Venice canal. clarification needed The trademarked process was marketed by the Cinerama corporation. This was the 1 highest grossing film of the year, according THIS IS CINERAMA to Sackett&39;s book.

On the evening of Septem, the shape and sound of movies changed forever with the introduction of Cinerama. "Kerry Kerry" kicks things off with a slab of affable, acoustic pop,. Several more travelogues would follow, climaxed by two dramatic films co-produced with MGM in 1962.

Cinerama films were shot using three synchronized side-by-side cameras to create three strips of film, a cumbersome process. This is Cinerama is a 1952 full-length film designed to introduce the then-new widescreen process Cinerama, which broadens the aspect ratio so the viewer’s peripheral vision is involved. This Is Cinerama (1952) is neither documentary nor drama. The Cinerama company introduced the process in 1952 with a novelty documentary called THIS IS CINERAMA. Flicker Alley and Cinerama Inc.

Cinerama was an ultra-widescreen process, with an aspect ratio of 2. The opening clip from the first Cinerama production "This Is Cinerama". Cinerama Holiday (1955) Cinerama Holiday was the 2nd of the original, 3-panel Cinerama travelogues. " Rather than do a straight-up take, the storming original is slowed down to a languid pulse (the length is doubled), with Gedge and Sally Murrell doubling up on vocals.

Predating IMAX by nearly twenty years, Cinerama immersed the audience in an unparalleled spectacle of sight and sound. More THIS IS CINERAMA images. Although popular, Cinerama was limited almost exclusively to Imax-like travelogues like SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE and was exhibited on a much narrower scale than the giant-screen Imax is now. THIS IS CINERAMA 1952 / 60th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Combo Blu-ray + DVD It Plunges You Into A Startling New World! Watching a Cinerama film on the gigantic screen was an experience never forgotten - a. "This Is Cinerama," which introduced the process, is basically a corny 1950s travelogue hosted by globetrotter (and Cinerama backer) Lowell Thomas, who hams it up nicely for this extravaganza ("Ladies and gentlemen. Tracks 1-5 were originally released on the single Kerry Kerry (Cooking Vinyl). “Cinerama was an ultra-widescreen process.

Thomas, Lowell (Films) - Lowell Thomas, author, explorer and news commentator, has found new worlds to conquer in "This Is Cinerama," spectacular new development in movie-making, now on the Paramount screen Photo measures 8 x 10. gross ticket sales. Seeing the Cinerama process in all its flawed glory was a fascinating experience. But, what makes This Is Cinerama truly worthy of your ownership is a drop-dead impressive rendition of the Smiths&39; "London. This Is Cinerama The mere existence of THIS IS CINERAMA a home-video version of This Is Cinerama is a bit perverse. This is Cinerama is a 1952 American documentary film directed by Merian C. Presented in a deluxe Blu-ray edition, this is the most extensive and thorough restoration yet of the film that changed the shape and sound of the.

70 to 1; CinemaScope, its main rival, was a shade narrower at 2. Thomas says the title when he introduces the film process: "Ladies and gentlemen.


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